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Vastu Dosh Nivaran

Vastu Shanti is a religious and spiritual process of worship of Vaastu Purush. Purush means Energy, Soul, and Shakti; thus Vaastu Purush is the protector, soul and Lord of the house. The primary objectives of Vaastu Shanti are:

1. To remove any land, structure, and interior arrangement faults or the Vastu Doshas.
2. To ask for forgiveness for any direct or indirect harm to the Nature and other living beings while construction of the house
3. To pacify any forces that may disturb the overall happiness of future occupants.
4. To request Vastu Purush to protect the home and the occupants from natural calamities
5. To solicit His blessings to bring health, wealth and prosperity to the occupants and
6. To resolve proper use of the house and to convert it into Home and Praasad.

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